To the left: A flute clock by Per Strand
To the right: A grand piano by Per Rosenwall.

The music scene in Sweden, especially in Stockholm, developed rapidly around the turn of the 17th to 18th century. The Swedish room is decorated like a salon in Stockholm during the 19th century. The art on the walls includes works by, among others, Hilleström and Desprez. Several Swedish composers and musical personalities are also represented, including the singer Jenny Lind. There are furniture pieces that belonged to Franz Berwald and a number of Swedish instruments, primarily from the 19th century. One of the few playable keyboard instruments in the collection is here; a clavichord built by Lindholm & Söderström in 1808. Additionally, there is a flute clock – a floor clock with a built-in self-playing organ. The clock dates back to 1795 and was built by the organ builder Pehr Strand. Read more about our flute clocks here.